Practical, Creative, and Fun Solutions for Dealing with COVID-19 Changes

Practical, Creative, and Fun Solutions for Dealing with COVID-19 Changes

With COVID-19, we’re all going through some tough changes right now. Some are more drastic than others, but such abrupt and unexpected changes are always difficult to process. If you are experiencing changes related to the COVID-19 crisis, you need these tips. 

Furloughed from Your Job? 

Being furloughed or laid off from your job can be a bummer, but you can still find ways to earn income. For example, you can join millions of other freelancers who have used freelance sites to meet clients and snag paying work! With these sites, you can easily find freelance jobs in writing, accounting, web design, sales, and countless other fields. Best of all, most freelance positions will allow you to work remotely from home. That can be perfect for folks who may be at a higher risk for complications and still need to stick closer to home.

Also, don’t let freelance myths keep you from branching out on your own and being your own boss! Despite what you’ve heard, you can earn a decent income as a freelancer. You can start making money in no time when you use freelance platforms from the start. 

Need to Boost Your Productivity? 

Even if you haven’t had to rethink your career completely, you’ve likely had to rethink your regular work routine. That’s because many Australian workers are now working from home, and while working remotely can come with perks it can also come with some challenges if you’re used to going into an office. Distractions, including spouses and children, top the list when it comes to the most common issues new remote workers are facing right now.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stay focused: set up a home office! Seriously, having a door in between you and the kids can be a game-changer, but a corner or closet can work as well. Just make sure you have all of the tech you need, as well as a comfy chair and desk. Just make sure that you spend some time keeping this space decluttered, as clutter can cause bumps in anxiety, which will greatly affect your overall productivity.

Need to Get Your Hair Out of Your Face? 

Look, we all gave ourselves a little trim with the scissors when we were kids. We also all got into some pretty serious trouble with our parents for that little makeover. If your hair is looking a bit frazzled or your bangs are in your face, you shouldn’t let memories of those hair disasters keep you from taking matters into your own hands! Especially since there are so many haircutting tutorials online now, with salons still closed or limiting appointments. Now if you want to make a more drastic change to your hair you may want to wait until you can get an appointment. For instance, bleaching your hair is something that should always be left up to a professional. Otherwise, you could end up paying a fortune for a fix or even losing some hair. 

Want to Improve Your Health?

With many gyms closed and stores restricted, staying fit and healthy can be so tough right now. But adopting a new furkid could make things so much easier for you! In fact, if you are working remotely, this may be the perfect time to add a canine companion to your home. Then you will have plenty of time for bonding, training, and snuggling before you head back to work. So, how can a pet keep you healthy? Well aside from the regular stress relief that all pets provide, people who own dogs tend to be more active. All of that extra exercise can be good for your waistline but it can also be great for your mood and overall health! Plus, if you own a dog, you will have even more of a reason to safely get outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. 

Some coronavirus changes can feel more stressful than others, but it helps to have some extra support no matter how big or small the shifts in your life are right now. If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression during this difficult time, seeking the help of an expert counselor can work with you to improve your life and overcome challenges brought on by the pandemic. 

Hopefully, the tips and information in this guide will provide that support so you can get back to enjoying your life! 

Post by Sophie Letts at Meditation Help

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