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loyal to local hebden bridge business forum

A positive approach will produce a positive response and here at Hebden Bridge Business Forum, we have a plentiful supply of positive energy and proactive ideas about getting our town back up and firing on all cylinders! It’s hard to see the wood for the trees at the moment but we have an abundance of ideas to help turn your fortunes around. If you’re still reading this then you too must have a positive attitude and want to get back on track!

We have not been idle through these testing months, the Forum Committee has been using the virtual online services and had many a zoom meeting to brainstorm and come up with positive ways to market the town whilst adhering to government guidelines. We have been looking at ways to promote safety and social distancing to build customer confidence, helping them come back to the high street to shop, and support the local community. We are seeking funding through official channels but this is a long drawn out process but you can be assured that we are pursuing it.

Our first call to action was coming up with a clear and concise message to the public. The banner headline Loyal to Local has been adopted for all our future marketing. We feel it packs the punch we need right now.

If you are not already a sponsor of HBBF, would you consider joining us? We have a professional media platform ready and waiting to promote you www.hebdenbridge.org. Please let us help you to help yourselves.

Very soon there will be a new banner across the river promoting our Loyal to Local campaign. We feel this is an effective way to promote our message and we hope you agree. We are also carrying this branding through to signage, that will be required to promote social distancing and safety. Produced by local printers to promote local businesses.

Please ask for our artwork if you approach our local printers, it will provide unity and a clear concise message to shop locally. All of our local printers have the artwork to produce your floor stickers with so that’s The Print Bureau, Lambert Print and Design, Pennine Signs and Simprint – use them and keep your pennies in our valley.

We’re waiting to hear from you! Be positive, be proactive and act now!

Please continue to tag @hebdenbridgeorg and #hellohebdenbridge in all your social media and like us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.  


Share us, share the love and stay LOYAL TO LOCAL.

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