Splatting through Covid



Splatting through Covid 19

Covid times and lockdown measures are a constant nightmare for all of us, with many small businesses taking a huge blow, over and over again. It is so amazing how resilient small businesses have been and continue to be in these times, constantly finding new and innovative ways of working.

Here we are, in lockdown 3 and we are getting used to it, mainly because we haven’t got a choice. Over the past year Splat has found ways to adapt to support the community, our customers, and provide a vital service in the area; there might be a global pandemic but people still need to learn first aid!

Not only are we still providing excellent First Aid Training in a Covid safe environment, we have been busy raising money for Children in Need, giving away a lifesaving Christmas present, and providing a platform for kids to socialise, have fun and learn first aid in our brand new Splat Kids club.

Covid Safe First Aid Training:

We are so happy to still be able to teach lifesaving skills to individuals and businesses during lockdown 3. We have made changes to our Splat classroom which we invite you to use free of charge if you don’t have a large enough space for us to come to you.

At Splat we follow guidance from the Frist Aid Awarding Organisation Forum (FAAOF), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Qualsafe Awards. The guidance ensures you will be safe during first aid training without losing valuable learning experience. We have carried out a full risk assessment of our premises and have reconfigured our huge classroom to allow for social distancing. Alongside this we have installed new sinks, provide hand sanitiser and masks, and disinfect everything between uses. When visiting another site to deliver training we make sure to provide the same Covid safe training, by making sure social distancing is possible, and bring all the necessary Covid safe equipment with us.

It is important to note that the way we deliver the course may have changed for Covid safety, but this does not compromise the learning experience; some say they prefer the course being delivered this way.

If you have thought about booking a first aid course but are worried about Covid you can visit our website to read more about our covid safe training:,http://www.splattraining.co.uk or call us on 07796872170. It is important to us that everyone feels safe and happy during their course – you can’t learn if you are not comfortable.

Helping the Community:

Back in November Splat raised a whopping £1360 for Children in Need! With all that is going on we thought it would be great fun to bring lots of people together (virtually) for an amazing cause.

With the help of 20 plus companies (including Friendly Soap, The Yorkshire Ambulance Service, SJMC Accountancy, Valley Will Writing and many more) we delivered 6 whole hours of CPR, and streamed it live on social media! It was gruelling to say the least, if you have ever delivered CPR in real life or on a manakin you will know how tiring it is. Throughout the 6 hours there was not a single second where CPR was not being performed – participants kept the beat going for 15 minutes at a time, with the Splat team on hand to fill in any gaps. Everyone went to bed that night with achy arms, but full of pride for what they had achieved. We hope to do it again next year – maybe we’ll go for 8 hours!

Following our Children in Need success we wanted to carry on helping the community, so we decided to give a free defibrillator to a local charity for Christmas. With hospitals and paramedics busier than usual we felt it was even more important for defibrillators to be accessible in the community and launched our Christmas Defibrillator Campaign. We asked for nominations of local charities that you thought would benefit from being given a free defibrillator, and then picked the lucky winner out of a hat.

And the winner is…. Unmasked Mental Health. It was a pleasure to be able to provide such a valuable tool to this amazing local charity, who work relentlessly to combat the stigma of mental health. Cosmic alignment played a part in this donation as when we called the guys at Unmasked to let them know, they told us they had just completed their Basic Life Saving course and were really passionate about getting their own AED, what are the chances!

Splat Kids

The Splat team are all parents and have spent our careers working with children and young people. We know how tough lockdown and school closures are for our children and young people, so we wanted to do something to help.

Splat’s Meg has loads of experience delivering great, interactive learning over zoom. She’s been doing it since March, so we set her on making it more Splat! Adding some first aid and health and safety tips for kids too!

Splat Kids are weekly online sessions designed to keep the kids busy, give them chance to make friends, socialise with their peers, create, move, have fun, and learn some first aid too. Meg is able to engage groups of children on zoom and provide them with lots of fun, exciting activities, whilst also offering valuable learning too. All of the sessions are interactive, because we know the children need an opportunity to release that pent up energy – there’s no ‘sit down and be quiet’, we actually encourage being silly and crazy (in a safe way!).

Splat Kids club is currently for Junior School Aged children, but we are hoping to add more sessions for younger children soon. Visit the website to find out more, or book your space: www.splattraining.co.uk

Life’s a journey filled with ups and downs. Currently we are living in very strange times that threaten to put us down constantly. Here at Splat we are doing our best to stay positive and keep you positive too!

Please get in touch if you want to know any more about what we offer and follow us on social media for first aid tips, news, and information about what’s on. http://www.splattraining.co.uk


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