Interview with Mick Wilson on his Art exhibition ‘Thought Dreams’ at Artsmill.

Interview with Mick Wilson on his Art exhibition ‘Thought Dreams’ at Artsmill.

What is your Exhibition ‘Thought Dreams about?

An exhibition of recent paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. All of the work is representational, though often veering towards abstraction. Subject matter is fairly traditional – landscapes, still lifes, nudes – but these may be subverted, and are, frequently so.

Describe your creative background?

I have been painting seriously for the past 16 years, following a career on music, mainly as a composer. My main influences have been Picasso and Matisse, together with a number of Australian painters – Nolan, Whiteley, Sansom , Olsen.

What Is your creative process?

I have been making art, of one sort or another, during the whole of my life. One crucial factor is the process of ‘filling the wells.’ By this, I mean ensuring that there is always some kind of stimulation going on. This can take the form of travel, reading, looking, doing. All this Input then gets to be processed, and emerges, however mangled, into the work that I do.

2020 is meant to be a special year for creatives, what are your Future Plans?

Usually, my activities tend to be generated by previous work, so that there is an organic progression from one set of paintings, or whatever, to the next. I often work in series – for example, I have recently completed a set of 7 kinetic sculptures on the theme ‘Death and the Maiden.’ My immediate plan is to develop sculptures in concrete. Which will then lead to something even newer. I am always interested in what might be waiting just around the corner…

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