Have you got the Chalk Paint™️ bug yet?

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Have you got the Chalk Paint™️ bug yet? If not then call into Homely at Hebden, stockists of what many believe is the best chalk paint available, to get everything needed to start with will no doubt turn into your addictive new hobby!

Chalk Paint™️ by Annie Sloan is a unique, versatile, water-based paint, specifically designed to be used on anything from wood, metal and melamine to concrete, plastic marble and more! (Chalk Paint™️ has even been used to paint caravans and tubas!)

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™️ is such an easy and enjoyable decorative paint to use. Requiring rarely any sanding, preparation, or removal of previous waxes or varnishes allowing furniture to be painted, waxed and back in place in just a few hours!

Not only is the paint so versatile, but is also environmentally friendly, being virtually odour-free, non-toxic and with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at 0.02g/l VOC. (The EU limit value for this product is 30g/l (2010)) It is also perfectly safe to use on children’s toys, cots, and walls. None of the products have been tested on animals. Chalk Paint™️ paint and Chalk Paint™️ Lacquer do not contain any animal products, however Chalk Paint™️ Wax does contain beeswax.

How easy is it to use and what effects can be achieved? Annie’s Chalk Paint™️ is probably one of the easiest products available to allow even the most creative-shy people to delve into the rewarding activity of upcycling.

Use the paint to create layers of colour that can be sanded back to create an aged look, add water to create a wash, use thickly to create a textured look, or mix paints together to create your own unique shades. Use the Clear, Dark, Black, and White Chalk Paint™️ Waxes to create further effects. One of the five shades of Gilding Waxes – Bright Gold, Warm Gold, Bright Silver, Dark Silver, Copper – can be used as a finishing touch for an opulent look.

Annie Sloan personally selects her stockists, based on their work, flair and passion. Annie also trains all stockists so they are experts in how to use the products, who are therefore able to give advice on using the products, run workshops and how to mix colours.

If you fancy trying a transformation, pop in to Homely at Hebden  21 Old Gate, Hebden Bridge HX7 6EN.

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