wood and wire

Mmmmm, Wood & Wire – surely one of the best-looking shops you’ll ever see.  This little gem is packed with beautiful lighting and stylish homeware, but it also showcases the jaw-dropping talents of one of the UK’s most exciting kitchen and furniture designer-maker duos, Jim Leach and Tim Shillitoe.  Another space that blurs the line between shop, showroom and gallery, pop in to ogle at Jim and Tim’s unmistakable aesthetic in everything from handmade fittings and upholstered furniture to a stunning sample kitchen in their bold, Scandinavian-inspired style.

So, what’s the story behind Wood & Wire’s kitchens and furniture?  With delighted customers nationwide, they’ve made it their mission to create highly original pieces that look amazing and last a lifetime, but don’t break the bank.  They use birch plywood for its inherent strength, modernity and drop-dead gorgeous looks, and they employ local talent in their Hebden workshop to keep things close to home.  Don’t worry: even if you manage to resist ordering an entire new kitchen on the spot, you needn’t leave Wood & Wire empty handed.  Choose original gifts or head-turning homeware from designers like Norman, Vita, Moxon, Ekobu, Zaza and Lee Walsh, or incredible local leatherwork from Ruby Creagh.