Valli Opticians Hebden Bridge

You’ve never visited an optician quite like this before, and you’ll never want to go anywhere else after! Owned and run by entrepreneur Rachel and her husband Moin, this is a proper independent family business, a far cry from the usual high-street opticians.

So what makes Valli so special? Well, friendliness and good old-fashioned customer service is a big part of it, but there’s definitely nothing old fashioned about the technology and care here. There’s sophisticated 3D OCT scanning for checking your eyes’ health – something you don’t find everywhere. They also offer state-of-the-art precision tinting and colorimetry for helping dyslexic customers read more easily. Kids’ eye health is a speciality too, and Moin has actually been on the telly to talk about it. Even the range of glasses and sunnies on offer here is bang up to date, with hundreds to choose from and every budget catered for.

There’s also a strong commitment to the Hebden Bridge community at Valli, which isn’t surprising from a business run by a local and almost destroyed in the Boxing Day floods. They exhibit work by local artists here, and there are community-based events like fashion show fundraisers, making cash for the town’s flood defence fund. There’s even a brilliant contact lens recycling scheme: the UK’s first, and something Rachel campaigns nationally on. Should have gone to certain high-street opticians we could mention? We don’t think so!