afghan rug hebden

A little bit of Afghanistan right here in rural Yorkshire? That’s right, the Afghan Rug Shop is the real deal: in fact it’s the only shop in the world purely specialising in rugs and kilims just from Afghanistan.  Peek inside and you’ll find hundreds of stunning high-quality rugs, kilims and gift ideas, all created by families of craftspeople using the finest natural materials and centuries-old techniques.  Owner James has lived in Afghanistan, and his long-standing friendship with a local merchant gives him access to some of the very best treasures at prices others can’t match.

Beautiful rugs and kilims of every size, pattern and colour range from around £150 up to whatever you want to spend for a large made-to-order masterpiece. Looking for gifts with a difference?  There are genuine Afghan hats for a fiver and gorgeous handmade draft excluders from £45, or how about a unique ornament in lapis lazuli? As a corporate sponsor of and the UK’s only Label-STEP accredited retail shop, ethical and fair trade credentials are absolutely guaranteed.  That means anything you choose comes with added feel-good factor.