If you haven’t already come across Sarah’s work, we envy you. Why? Because when it comes to the visual arts, we reckon nothing beats the thrill of discovering a new favourite.

She might be super-friendly and disarmingly modest, but Sarah is a photographic force to be reckoned with. With the help of her equally lovely partner and manager, Suzi, she’s firmly established herself as a wonderfully original and extremely accomplished portrait, documentary and lifestyle photographer.

That Sarah’s work is technically brilliant goes without saying: she wouldn’t be doing photography workshops and ad campaigns for Tesco Ireland if it wasn’t. But it’s her own commissioned photographic and film work that has really made Sarah’s name.

Sarah’s main interest is child and family portraiture, but forget studio sets and matching white outfits: she’s totally rewritten the rulebook. She’ll typically shoot you in your own home or favourite outdoor space (wherever you’re most at ease), and almost always in natural light, often using advanced ‘free-lensing’ techniques.  What really sets Sarah’s work apart is her amazing use of light, her unmistakably artistic eye, and the intimate emotional connection she gets with her subjects. Like no other photographer we know, her beautiful photos really do evoke the magic of childhood, the pleasure of nostalgia, or the joys of familial love.

So, the end results? Unique, lovingly presented keepsakes and heirlooms that are both stunningly beautiful and deeply personal. Get ready for giggles, goose bumps, and possibly even a tear or two.