Celebrating its tenth birthday in 2018, this quirky little shop owned by charismatic Helen is jam packed with haberdashery, knitting and sewing supplies. “Oooo, how lovely. You don’t get shops like this any more” visitors often say. Not if you shop online you don’t.

Helen only stocks products she either uses herself or likes a lot, and the popularity of Ribbon Circus clearly shows she’s got great taste. You’ll find everything here from beautiful buttons, braids and sewing baskets to fabulous felts and ribbon. Gorgeous Yarns come from top brands like Sirdar, Cygnet and Rico, and there are stunning hand-dyed wools from local dyers too.

Also for sale here are funky greeting cards and lovely notebooks from Roger La Borde, while crafty types can pick up colourful tissue and wrap for decoupage (aka sticking stuff on other stuff). Another big seller is Helen’s adorable range of Jellycat soft toys. Take your pick from cute and cuddly characters including a fox, a hermit crab, and even an avocado. If Helen really likes you, she might even let you buy the best of the bunch – an utterly irresistible tweed dinosaur.

Be warned: if you don’t already make your own jumpers and bobble hats, a visit to Ribbon Circus will make you want to. So sit yourself down on the comfy green chair and have a natter to Hebden’s chief knitter, who also happens to be Vice Chair of the brilliant Happy Valley Pride festival. You’ll never want to leave.