Annette Hawkins Piano Tuner

Meet Annette – busily protecting the ears of audiences right across the north west.  Annette is our very own local piano tuner and technician, with more than 20 years’ experience of making pianos make the sounds they’re supposed to. 

Annette’s career began with a time-served apprenticeship and a professional qualification at the prestigious Instrument Technology College in Newark.  She’s been working with pianos ever since, and today she has loyal customers all over Yorkshire and Lancashire, sometimes even following family pianos from generation to generation. 

She works in private homes as well as music venues, institutions and schools and colleges, and she’s got an enhanced DBS certificate for working around children. Annette is also a fully paid up member of the Piano Tuners Association and comes with her own insurance, so she’s definitely the real deal. As well as piano tuning, she also buys, sells and repairs pianos, and she can probably source a good one if you call her with your budget.

Annette plays the piano to Grade 8 and sings too, but it’s her expertise in the science and engineering of pianos that really helps her to know her notes. Tuning is much more than just a way of making a living for Annette though: she’s passionate about playing a ‘key’ role in enriching people’s lives through music.  We say good on you, Annette, and thanks for saving our ears while you’re at it!