kate drury wellness technician

We love discovering interesting new businesses in our midst here at hebdenbridge.org, and Kate definitely falls into that category. She’s a Vitality Screening Wellness Technician, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this service before – we hadn’t either.  And now we’re fascinated.

Kate has the qualifications and equipment to carry out vitality screening: a high-tech lifestyle and fitness screening programme involving 50 tests (yes 50!) including checks on your autonomic nervous system.  In just an hour, she’ll use your saliva, urine and a drop of your blood to get an overall picture covering many aspects of your body’s condition.  Next, she’ll use her findings to give you personalised recommendations for changing any unhealthy habits around food, diet and exercise.  You’ll even get a handy report to take away.

Kate discovered her calling as a client herself, and she originally wanted to improve her own lifestyle with a holistic approach embracing nutrition, exercise, and even issues with anxiety.  Needless to say she enjoyed the process, and after training in the subject and investing in specialist technologies, now she wants to share her own experience.  Curious?  Tempted?  Fancy a boost to your own health and well-being?  Give Kate a call and she’ll tell you more.