Plenty of places have a Visitor Information Centre, but this one just happens to be an award-winner. Not surprising when you think about the amazing wealth of info on offer here. They might not thank us for pointing this out but Tricia, Liz, Rita and the rest of the team have more than a century’s worth of priceless local knowledge between them, not to mention a personal tip or two.

This is a well-stocked VIC where you’ll find everything from local maps, visitor guides and transport timetables through to books on the region’s history or the latest events and accommodation listings. There are plenty of free walking and cycling routes to take away, while local products on sale include beautiful textiles, original crafts and edible goodies like boiled sweets, honey and wine (that’s right, Yorkshire wine!).

You can even buy duck food to dish out – perfect for the nearby canal.

The centre has free Wi-Fi and you can get water bottles topped up for nothing, plus the wheelchair and dementia-friendly building is a safe, comfortable spot if you just need a breather. Local artists exhibit here too, so there’s always something on show from this famously creative hotspot.

Live locally and want a change of scene? How strange. Still, call in for free info on Manchester, Lancashire and the rest of Yorkshire. Oh, and for updates and additional general stuff, don’t forget to check the busy noticeboard inside the VIC or online at