Hannah Nunn

If you live in or visit Hebden Bridge, chances are you already own or admire Hannah’s beautiful artistry in the form of her unmistakable hand-cut lamps. 

Luckily for us all, she’s now put her wonderful creative and crafting skills to wider use, with gorgeous new collections of wallpaper, fabric, cushions and even window film.

Hannah is one of those super-creative Hebdeners who just instinctively knows what works. 

Inspired by the intricate details of the natural world on her doorstep, she’s been making beautiful things ever since her handmade cards graced Liberty’s shelves, almost 20 years ago.

Today, she has design-conscious customers as far afield as Japan, Scandinavia and even Peru, selling through Radiance in town as well as at Open Studios, online, and in shops and galleries nationwide.

Like her lamps, which they perfectly complement, Hannah’s gorgeous gravure wallpapers and digitally printed fabrics and cushions all feature her iconic natural motifs. 

Meanwhile, her window films are similarly patterned and made to order in any shape or size.

As well as being simple to use and looking fabulous, they also produce wonderful shadows when the sunlight comes out to play.  In fact, these films offer the perfect natural marriage between the pattern of Hannah’s wallpapers and the silhouette effect of her lamps. They’re handy for privacy too, particularly in close-knit Hebden Bridge, and especially for naked bathroom dancing.

Hannah Nunn