Grow Tuition

Want a high-pressure ‘hot house’ where your kids get stressed, demotivated and treated like a number? No, we thought not. Instead, Grow offers something genuinely special: a holistic style of tuition which gives children the nurturing environment and personal attention that leads to more effective and enjoyable learning.

With 20 years’ teaching experience between them, owners Sarah and Kathryn know exactly how to help children develop the skills and confidence they need for understanding concepts, retaining information, and expressing themselves clearly. Locally born Kathryn was a Head of English and remains a GCSE examiner today, while Sarah has expertise in primary education, diversity and SEN, as well as being a school governor.

A far cry from those franchised ‘exam factories’, Grow is a relaxed and happy learning environment staffed by seven experienced, fully qualified and CRB-checked teachers, each with a different specialism. With just four pupils to every staff member, there’s plenty of one-to-one attention and learning is tailored to suit each child’s unique personality and needs. There’s flexibility in the way Grow operates too, with evening or weekend teaching sessions and a ‘month ahead’ payment system to avoid expensive contracts.

All ages are covered, with tuition in everything from reading and phonics at Key Stage 1 through to English, maths, science and humanities for SATS, plus A Level syllabuses too.  IT and coding are coming soon, so there won’t be a subject, qualification or entry exam that Grow can’t help with. Add in the gorgeous Cragg Vale setting, fully resourced classrooms and free initial consultation, and it’s easy to see why Grow gets top marks from children and parents alike.