End2End Admin

Want freelance admin support whenever you need it? We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not: Tania really exists.  We’ve even met her!  Here to do all the everyday admin and organisational tasks you haven’t time for, Tania’s the kind of extra pair of hands you can’t live without once you’ve tried her. Hate invoicing?  Tania loves it.

Need flights booking? She’s a pro.  Got an important event you need to invite bigwigs to?  Consider it done.

Highly organised, super thorough and easily professional enough to deal with your biggest and bolshiest clients, Tanya is a one-woman admin department with all the skills you’ll ever need to run your business like clockwork. You can book a regular slot or she’ll help on ad-hoc projects – whichever suits you.  Better still, she comes with her own laptop, pays her own tax and can work from your place or hers.  Best of all, she’s reliable, friendly and full of initiative – just the kind of worker you need on your team. The only downside?  She’s in demand, so book fast.

End2End Admin has been providing freelance administration support to small businesses in Hebden Bridge and across Calderdale since 2013.

Tania works for a number of clients across a wide variety of business types: finance, care, training, the arts, hospitality, charity. She undertakes ongoing and ad hoc general administration assignments. Tania is willing to try her hand at most tasks but adds greatest value by taking on general administration within your business that, although necessary, are jobs you don’t enjoy doing yourself and take you away from the work that earns you and your business money. Tania can either work from home or from your premises and charges by the hour.

In addition to her admin work, through her role with local independent financial advisers Cansquared Ltd, Tania can also quote for and arrange Protection Insurance policies.

For further information about administration support Tania can provide:
Website: end2endadmin.co.uk
Email: admin@end2endadmin.co.uk
Telephone: 07967 974389

Tania could be described as the person of whom Benjamin Franklin said ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’!