Elaine’s got one of those jobs we all want: she’s a Travel Counsellor. With forty years in the travel industry behind her, she makes her living arranging trips and booking travel bargains for the rest of us. Now why would anyone ever want to leave Hebden Bridge, you’re wondering? Well, believe it or not, even Hebden can be too much of a good thing if you never get away.

Elaine started out in universities, booking holidays and travel for students and staff. Next, she ran her own thriving independent agency, Progress Travel, based right here in Hebden. Today, she’s gone all modern and online, and works as a self-employed franchisee for Travel Counsellors – an exciting world travel company backed by hundreds of support staff. It means she’s bang up to date, brilliantly connected, and hell bent on living up to the Travel Counsellor ethos of ‘making travel personal’.

So, what does it all mean for you? It means Elaine is exactly the person you need for organising every aspect of your travel: from transport and hotels to itineraries and insurance. She specialises in independent travel and tailored trips offering extra adventure and interest. Although she’s an expert in Australia, she’s also great at sorting round-the-world trips and complex schedules with lots of stops, anywhere in the world. Basically, if you want an unforgettable holiday arranged by someone really in the know, but you also want to save time, dodge hassle and bag a bargain too, Elaine is a 5-star find.

To contact Elaine phone 01422 897490 or email elaine.simpson@travelcounsellors.com

As a Premier Aussie specialist you can find her on the Tourism Australia website: www.australia.com

Her TC website is: www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/elaine.simpson and you can read about some of her own journeys there.

You can also follow her on Facebook and Linkedin.