Combined Arts Schools

We’re not short of ways to look after our minds and bodies here in Hebden, but Marcus definitely offers something a bit different at his Combined Arts School on Valley Road.

If it’s fitness, confidence and self-defence skills you want to develop, sign up to his Wing Chun Kung Fu class. Forget muscly maniacs headbutting planks: this ancient martial art system focuses on relaxation and technique, so it’s perfect for men and women of all ages, strengths and sizes. Wing Chun is less combative than other martial arts too: it’s as much about handling threat and avoiding conflict as it is about coming to blows.

Marcus also specialises in Qi Gong: another ancient discipline but this time with the emphasis on health and spiritual development. A teeny bit like Tai Chi and (dare we say it) nearly the ‘new yoga’, this system of standing postures really helps to harmonise the mind and body. It’s excellent for your general health, fitness and suppleness, and also a great way to stay relaxed or control anxiety.

Marcus himself has been training and teaching for donkey’s years, and you can read all about his background and credentials on the Combined Arts website. Whichever discipline takes your fancy, there are friendly group classes to join or you can have your training one-to-one, with a free taster session either way.