In a town famously full of original and talented artists, we’d still bet good money that you’ve never come across anyone quite like Carolyn. A Maltese-English Sunderlander, she found her way to Hebden via Manchester, and now she creates mixed-media masterpieces at her Artsmill studio in town.

Carolyn’s worked with offenders and ex-offenders, both in and out of prisons, for many years now. This interest, combined with her love of landscape and strong sense of place, informs her genuinely unique artwork today. Hard to explain and impossible to pigeonhole, her pieces are intriguing explorations around the joint themes of location, landscape, crime fiction and disappeared people, all within a fascinating context of forensic science.

Some works are enormous and intricate pencil drawings, which look simultaneously like microscope slides and the surface of the moon. Others are palm-sized memento pieces, with beautiful tracings of her larger works delicately taped into tiny glass frames, then embellished with scattered lavender.

Alongside residencies and collaborations with UCLAN, HM Prison Service and scientific institutions, Carolyn exhibits when she can, and her original pieces sell for £15 to £1,000. In 2018 you can catch her extraordinary work at Bolton’s Neo Gallery until May 20th, or locally at Open Studios in Hebden, 6-8 July. Wherever you’re lucky enough to see it, this is art to think about as well as admire.