Want to get fit, get confident, and have some fun along the way?  We thought so, and so did Tracey and Darren at Aegis.

Run by this friendly couple from Halifax, Aegis Family Martial Arts and Leadership Academy offers a unique opportunity for you and your kids to learn self-defence together.  Don’t worry, it’s not about fighting and it’s a fun, non-competitive environment.  Instead, you’ll get the chance to learn a multi-discipline self-defence style that’s great for everything from fitness, self-discipline and life skills through to everyday confidence or managing bullies.

There are Ninja Tot classes for 3-6 years, or family classes for 7-75+, and you’ll be welcome on your own, with your partner, or as a whole family together. Tracey and Darren run an official Origin Gracie Jiu-Jitsu school here too, offering Junior Grapplers classes for kids or Gracie Combative for 14 years upwards.  Just like the Aegis classes, this Brazilian style Jiu-Jitsu is about self-defence, not fighting, and you’ll be taught effective throws and holds by friendly, qualified instructors who really know their stuff.  Most importantly of all though, you’ll be taught the skills and confidence that could help you avoid ever using them!

New to martial arts or nervous about your fitness?  Don’t be.  All classes are designed to be totally inclusive whatever your age, gender or fitness level, and you can even do a trial run to help you make your mind up.