Critical Mental Health Resources for The COVID-19 Crisis

Critical Mental Health Resources for The COVID-19 Crisis

If you’re struggling with your mental health during the pandemic you are far from alone. Experts are warning of an impending mental health crisis in the UK, and while you can’t control the lockdown you can take more control over your own well-being. In fact, you may find these mental health resources useful while you weather the remaining safety measures and COVID-19 effects, and perhaps even after.

Finding Help During a Mental Health Crisis

Recognizing and Managing a Crisis

UK Crisis Support Text Line

Common Signs of Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide Prevention Resources in the UK


Creating a Mental Health Sanctuary at Home

Decluttering Your Home for Better Mental Health

Keeping a Tidy Home When You’re Depressed

Health and Wellness Benefits of Meditation

How to Create Your Own Meditation Room

Teaching Your Teen To Manage Uncertainty


Practicing Self-Care for Better Mental Health

Why Self-Care is Important for Mental Health

Understanding Your Anxiety and Stress Triggers

How Time Outside Can Boost Mental Health

Outdoor Activities to Try in Hebden Bridge


Finding Routine Support for Mental Health

Talking Your Doctor About Mental Health

Psychologists vs. Psychiatrists

UK Support Groups for Mental Health

Strengthening Your Support Network


Mental health matters more now than ever before. So ensure you have the resources to keep yourself healthy as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Then once it’s over, be sure to stay on top of your mental health and to make it a priority.

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