We welcome Caroline from Hope Gallery as our latest sponsor to join us!

Caroline’s mission statement is: 

“It’s not what it looks like, its how it makes you feel.”

I use this as my mission statement because so much art is bought because it matches the sofa and curtains and not because they love the art, like really connect with it. The art I choose for my gallery is art that will bring you joy. Firstly, I have to connect with it and I have to be able to imagine it hanging in my gallery. I want people to walk into Hope Gallery and experience an emotion. My curated collections are not for everybody and that is fine, art is very personal. You will though, find something different, an artist you will not have seen before. Importantly, an artist that is still alive, an artist that you can support so they can continue living their passion, creating beautiful art for your home.

All of the artists I represent are independent, some local, some international. Their art is original in various mediums and can be viewed and purchased on my website


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