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Did you know that the Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend first aiders carry out annual refresher training? Guidance on First Aid Training can be found here:

For most of us First Aid is not something we practice every day, thank goodness! It is for that reason that the HSE recognise ‘skills fade’ to be a problem facing us all. At best many people do a 1 day training course every 3 years and do no further practice, this can mean that when a real scenario occurs first aiders might question their skills. Even if nothing serious ever occurs first aiders can suffer anxiety, fearing they might ‘go blank’ in the moment.

This is why many businesses choose to send their first aiders on annual refresher training.

What does the course include?
The course recaps the most important practical aspects of the qualification.
Administering CPR
Dealing with unconsciousness and seizure
Dealing with choking

The refresher course also gives the first aider an opportunity to ask any questions they’ve been losing sleep over; do I have the right first aid kit? Am I certain when to call for help? Is our defibrillator the right one?

I know that being a first aider can lead to sleepless nights because I used to have them! Please make sure your staff have the best training possible but do be aware they may come back with a short shopping list of new first aid equipment, it’s not expensive!

How much is the refresher course?
The course is a half day course and costs just £35, training is generally finished by 1pm. Don’t forget that up to the end of January you can use your discount code and get the course for just £28 if you book before the end of January

Any further questions?
When I go to to a workplace to train, people sometimes think I might be inspecting them, passing judgement on their preparedness. I’m not! I might make suggestions and I love answering questions, but I am not reporting to anybody and I am only there to help you improve your provision, so there is no question you shouldn’t ask.

If you have any questions about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to make sure your first aid provision is spot on, then please ask. I’ve usually come across a situation like yours before or I know someone who has. Get in touch at or call 07796872170. We enjoy hearing from you!

Update your staff.
Look out for our quizzes and scenarios designed to help you and your team stay up to date and book them on annual refresher training

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