Handmade Parade

This year marks the 11th annual Handmade Parade in Hebden Bridge, a celebration of funkiness, the art of the handmade and is just sheer fun!

The magic happens in three weeks of workshops, open to anyone who wants to make costumes, carryable art or help create giant puppets. With an ace team of local professional carnival artists, volunteers, guest artists and some killer street bands,  up to 1000 people dance down the streets of Hebden Bridge, watched by thousands. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this.

The parade will set off at 11.30 am – note this is half an hour earlier than last year!-  from the Handmade Parade workshops on Victoria Road and head down Valley Road, through St George’s Square and Bridge Gate to finish in Calder Holmes Park, where there will be mini festival of live music, dance, street theatre and picnic in the park with fabulous food stalls from local vendors until 4.30 pm.

A lovely video showing some of the hard work that goes into making Handmade Parade happen, followed by the fun & mayhem of the whole thing. 


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