Splat is the brainchild of local entrepreneur Amy, who mixes her love of the great outdoors with her professional expertise in safety, first aid and team building.  Today, she offers four distinct services that conveniently overlap, and we reckon everyone could benefit from at least one of them.

First up, Amy runs two ‘Splat Nav’ courses promoting skills and confidence in outdoor navigation and safety. You can learn the very basics, like OS map symbols and what to pack, or do an 8-hour course teaching advanced techniques like compass work and bearings. You’ll spend time in the classroom and on the hill, and courses suit everyone from individual women or mixed groups of friends through to couples who fight over maps.

Next are Amy’s Qualsafe accredited first aid courses.  Again, they’re open to anyone, and include comprehensive 3-day programmes right through to £15 sessions for new parents, which cover dangers like choking. The content on Amy’s first aid courses is bang up to date, and there’s hands-on learning as well as the theory behind it. Amy also offers Health & Safety advice to SMEs too, while her corporate and organisational team building service goes under the name www.yorkshire-teambuilding.co.uk.

Whatever you sign up for, don’t be nervous – Amy prides herself on creating courses that are accessible and fun, not just informative.  She’s a qualified Mountain Leader and an experienced teacher too, so you know the training will be great. One last thing: her hilltop premises are directly above Calderdale’s very own co-operative farm shop, and yes, it does sell cake!