If you’re an artist, freelancer or sole trader and you haven’t got a website, you should talk to Jan.  Even if you have got a website you should still have a chat, because the chances are she’ll make you a better one.

Jan’s lived in Hebden Bridge for more than 40 years, and today she creates lovely-looking websites specially designed for individuals, not big businesses. She understands that you probably don’t want the kind of ‘bells and whistles’ site that needs regular updates, endless TLC and support you can never get hold of. Instead, she’ll give you a refreshingly jargon-free consultation leading to an elegant and easy-to-use website that you’ll absolutely love, all from just £400.

Not sure what you want?  Don’t worry, Jan’s built enough sites to know what works and what looks good, so she’ll guide you step by step. The sites she builds aren’t off-the-peg templates; they’re bespoke originals, so every one is different. If you need it, she’ll help with photo ideas and finding you a copywriter, and she’ll even make the whole process fun (we didn’t believe this was humanly possible, until we met Jan).

Best of all, Jan knows you need a site that just works, so hers are designed to look good and do their job without outside help once they’re built. She’s there if you need her of course, but the days of endless crashes, glitches and waiting ‘on hold’ are well and truly over.

Jan Scott Websites