There’s no such thing as normal in Hebden, so even a trip to the barber is a bit of an experience. This gem is no exception. Jack has been collecting 40’s and 50’s memorabilia since he was just 15, and now it’s packed into his fun and fascinating workspace. Like a living museum, it’s worth a quick visit even for a look around – just grab yourself a great haircut while you’re there.

Jack and Neil have been helping Hebdeners look their best for four years now, using finely-honed scissor skills to provide all the traditional styles you can think of, from buzz cuts and flat-tops to short back and sides. Grooming is in right now too, so you’re well taken care of whether it’s a simple smartening up you need, a unique sculptured beard or a full-blown makeover worthy of Peaky Blinders.

The guys even offer an amazing 8-stage ‘hot towel’ wet shave, and while they can’t promise to turn you into Errol Flynn, you’ll feel like a million dollars after the full shebang. Need a grooming kit of your own? No worries – as well as the razors themselves there are all sorts of brushes, balms and spare blades on sale.

From babies and toddlers to one customer in his 90s, everyone’s welcome and the coffee machine is always on. You might even spot the occasional famous face coming out, looking all the more dashing with their dapper new haircut.