hebden kitchen

Has every town got one of these?  Because we reckon they should have. Run as a non-profit making Community Association, Hebden Kitchen ticks every box: great food, a brilliant ethos and something genuinely different from anywhere else we can think of.

Run by wonder woman Helen and her team of volunteers, this is a friendly, vibrant and super-inclusive café serving delicious food and drinks made from donated ingredients. There’s no set price list so you pay what you can, which is why there’s such a great mix of people and unique community vibe.

When it comes to the food, don’t be fooled.  Yes, all the dishes are made using ingredients that have been generously given, but it’s high-quality stuff from places like Suma, Saker, Sainsbury’s and Valley Organics. 

The chances are it’s healthier than you eat at home, and it’s lovingly made into delicious veggie, vegan and gluten-free treats and meals that change daily. Chickpea biryani then apple crumble and custard gets our vote.


hebden kitchen
hebden kitchen

Tucked away in atmospheric Salem Mill, even the surroundings here are something special, and the open-plan kitchen just adds to the fun. There’s free Wi-Fi, a stairlift for access, and everybody’s welcome in groups or alone. Plus kids love to listen out for the magical ‘rattling spoons’.

Fantastic idea.  Amazing place.  Wonderfully satisfying in every sense.   

Currently open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12-3pm.