Friendly Soap

Mmm…soap…lovely stuff.  We all use it (hopefully!), but we probably don’t give it quite as much thought as we should.  Unless you happen to work at Friendly Soap, that is.  This fabulous local firm has made a thriving ethical business from keeping us as cleaner, healthier and probably a little bit happier too. That’s why they’re a wee bit obsessive, in all the right ways though.

Hebden locals Geoff Kerouac and Rob Costello started Friendly in 2008, after working together at the renowned Suma Foods co-operative.  Today, they take a very hands-on approach to running their business, which now employs around 22 local people in a variety of roles, including manufacturing all of the company’s products at their idyllic rural base above Mytholmroyd.

Putting ethics before profits underpins everything here.  That’s why Friendly’s products aren’t just vegan, or cruelty-free, or made by people paid a living wage, without using plastic, preservatives or sulfates. They’re all of these things! Products are packaged using recycled and recyclable materials, while a company-wide ‘profit share’ scheme helps keep workers happy and wages fair.  Every aspect of the manufacturing process is squeaky clean too, from the meticulous sourcing of natural ingredients right through to low-energy production methods

Making Soap

And what about those end products? Well, let’s just say the praise and awards they win are certainly well deserved.  From their wide collection of soaps through to hair care, shaving products and a new laundry range: these are top-notch natural products that leave you feeling great, smelling gorgeous, and proud to have done your bit for the planet and its people.